Spread #Jimmerosity

Jimmerosity means “to give generously of yourself”. We hope whenever people think of jimmerosity they will also think of helping those in need. With your help the Fredette Family Foundation can do even more to serve families in need.

The Fredette Family Foundation understands the power of touching people’s lives in a very meaningful and personal way. This type of caring interaction with individuals, families, and even school districts can and has helped both the giver and benefactor develop more positive and caring outlooks on life. Our proprietary programs are designed to do exactly that: change individuals and families lives for the better in a permanent and lasting way.

Giving gifts and needed resources is good and can help families in the immediate future. We have those type of programs. However, teaching the mind and touching the heart has a much more powerful and lasting effect. WE ALSO HAVE THESE PROGRAMS.

The Fredette Family Foundation works closely with local youth groups and centers.

The Fredette Family Foundation works closely with local youth groups and centers.

When youth and families learn and internalize correct principles they become a powerful force for good; perhaps most important of all, they are great examples to all those who come in contact with them. The result of living principled lives in a caring way has a ripple effect for good beyond our ability to measure.

Our programs of giving, caring, teaching correct principles, and touching the heart strengthens the good and helps to eliminate the negative in individuals, families, our communities, and nation, including the more than 30 Jimmerosity schools we currently serve.

However, our time and resources are limited. WE NEED YOUR HELP. Will you please consider making a donation to this important work of teaching minds and changing hearts? Every donation, no matter the amount, is very helpful.